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Hagrid with Santa

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If I were to live my life
in catfish forms
in scaffolds of skin and whiskers
at the bottom of the pond
and you were to come by
    one evening
when the moon was shining
down into my dark home
and stand there at the edge
    of my affection
and think, "It's beautiful
here by this pond. I wish
    somebody loved me, "
I'd love you and be your catfish
friend and drive such lonely
thoughts from your mind
and suddenly you would be
    at peace,
and ask yourself, "I wonder
if there are any catfish
in this pond? It seems like
a perfect place for them. "
-Richard Brautigan
Hi Everyone, I'm Moly. I'm working on a Ph.D. in math. My Bachelor's was in Creative Writing and Literature. Math is an art form to me. Math is my passion , and I'm following my passion. I believe that mathematics is a divine language, the LOGOS that forms the universe, and I feel that my perspective is under-represented in this culture.

I went to a very old, conservative, traditional single-sex boarding school for high school. I went to college four times before someone was sane enough to give me a degree, during which time I changed my major five times. I intimidate the worst kind of educators, especially bureaucratic ones. I'm largely self-taught, despite my many hours stuck in a classroom. I have studied with geniuses and morons, and have found I've become the Marriage of Genius and Moron as a result.

I have set foot on every continent except Antarctica. I have had the good fortune to meet many of my greatest living heroes. I am a black belt in aikido. I wear a cowboy hat and carry a guitar wherever I go.  I ate breakfast once in a cowboy-boot shop in Nashville with my cousin Pete and we ate ham and eggs and grits while two grizzled old honky-tonkers played Country standards and tourists bought gaudy cowboy boots. I have heard lions roar on the African savannah at sunset and had to drink a stiff drink to keep from trembling. I have sat on Galactic Councils as Earth's representative, and met creatures from fourteen different galactic civilization. I believe that The Basement Tapes , by Bob Dylan and the Band, John Coltrane's Meditations , Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow , and Euler's formula:

are examples that our species are capable of art.

I know I am a great person if only because the greatest people I've ever met have befriended me throughout my life. I know for a fact that God adores me with an emotion so strong that I would drop dead were I ever to feel that much emotion. I tend to worry about mediocre people and the way they misunderstand me. I blend obviousness with subtlety, and I find it the case that most people latch onto the obvious and give up trying to see the subtlety. I take great pleasure in being obvious, but I also take great pleasure in being subtle.

I still grieve every day over the death of my friends, Bobby Sheehan and Terence McKenna, as well as for the death of Lenny Bruce, of Hank Williams, of Elvis Presley, of Buddy Holly, of Jimi Hendrix, of Jerry Garcia, of Janis Joplin, of Richard Manuel, of Rick Danko, of Frank Zappa, of Oscar Wilde, of Charles Baudelaire, of Alan Turing, of countless millions of my people in the Holocaust. And, like the old blues song says, on a good day I have the blues.

And yet, I see heaven in a little flower, the world in a grain of sand, and eternity in an hour. The stupidest things give me great joy. I love bad sci-fi movies where the monster suits have visible zippers, the villain gives an incoherent, but misanthropic speech, and the director cuts in way too much military stock footage. I love to drink whiskey and sing bluegrass music and pick at my guitar. I would do math even if it were a jailable offense to study math. I walk around stoned on the pleasures life affords me. 

Welcome to my web page. You're among friends here. Grab a beer from the fridge, relax and be yourself.




Me at Burning Man


Me Teaching Aikido

My Guitar

My dog, Hagrid

(one tile is one square foot)

Hagrid trotting out his personality

 cute puppy
Hagrid is an Old English Mastiff (or just Mastiff). I rescued Hagrid in August, 2003. Every year, millions of dogs are abandoned, or surrendered to shelters or rescue groups by people who are unable or unwilling to continue to care for their dogs. I found Hagrid at a Mastiff Rescue in West Virginia. If you are interested in rescuing a Mastiff, the Mastiff Club of America is always looking for good families for pure-bred Mastiffs who need loving homes.

He loves having his tummy rubbed.

Here in Camelot, we eat ham and jam and spam a lot (I have to push the pram a lot).

We will fight them on the beaches...

I love to sing-a, about the moon-a and the June-a and the Spring-a

I love this pose.

 versus teeny
Hagrid communes with a smaller dog.

 we smile
Hagrid has a posse (215 lbs, 34" neck).

 funny face
Hagrid sometimes sleeps upside-down. Why?

 Hagrid graduation
Hagrid is a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) . This means he passed an examination on his obedience skills, and on his suitability as a well-behaved pet. The rights of dog owners are being rapidly curtailed by dog-hostile legislation and institutional policies unfriendly to dogs and their owners. By testing your dog via the CGC, you can show people who might be hesitant to accept your dog, such as landlords, hotel managers, and employers, that your dog is a well-behaved and non-intrusive member of your community, deserving the same respect as other members of the community.

 Ask to pet me
Hagrid is a Therapy Dog (TDI) . He has visited hospitals and nursing homes to cheer up the people there. Studies have shown that therapy involving pets can reduce stress levels, reduce blood pressure, and accelerate the healing process. Hagrid likes to be fussed over and petted anyway, so this sort of work is perfect for him. Hagrid's backpack, which holds 50 lbs., is the Banzai backpack from Wolf Packs .

 sleepy hagrid
Twins separated at birth.

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